Workplace/Corporate Yoga

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play  – Arnold J Toynbee

Team Of ProfessionalsHow about bringing yoga into your workplace?

Yoga classes are an ideal way to support well-being and team spirit at work. Classes can be arranged in the morning before the workday begins, during lunchtime or in the evenings after work. You just need a meeting room where tables and chairs can be moved or have a space large enough to accommodate the yoga mats for your group.

You’ll find an overall positive effect on the entire environment as employees are taught how to avoid building up stress within the body by learning how to enter a state of inner calm when tasks become too demanding. Consistent, ongoing Yoga practice also offers mental and physical long-term benefits.

Benefits of Yoga in the workplace 

  • Reduced tension, stress, back & neck pain
  • Increased team morale &  work-efficiency
  • Increased muscle strength & flexibility
  • Reduced risk of injury, resulting in less absenteeism
  • Improved breathing techniques to help combat the effects of stress
  • An overall sense of well-being and relaxation

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