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Yoga With Arjie
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 18 reviews
by Georgia on Yoga With Arjie
What a find !

Arjie is a fantastic yoga teacher. I have tried many different types of yoga and teachers over the years but never found anyone that I wanted to rush back to. Yoga is good for me to release after a busy stressful week. I also have lower back problems and within one class I knew Arjie would be able to help both problems. I’ve also found out of class if any extra knowledge is needed Arjie is more than happy to help. Fab find. 🙂

by Sue Collison on Yoga With Arjie
Yoga with Arjie

I have attended Arjie’s yoga classes for a good few years now. Arjie is a very energetic person, the energy she generates is both caring and invigoration.

Arjie’s yoga classes are both informative, motivation and relaxing. Arjie is a very capable teacher and will stretch and challenge her class.

The Yoga term usually starts with energy and as the term progresses, so do the challenges. That said Arjie will reinforce the meaning of yoga, it is a discipline but also an exploration of your body therefore the exercises should not hurt.

As Arjie states, your body is your friend, respond to it, by finding your own pace in the exercises. Yoga is not a competition but a consideration of your relationship with your muscles and bones.

Arjie’s relaxation sessions during the yoga classes are also fantastic and encourage mindfulness.
I really enjoy my yoga sessions and would feel a great loss if I could not practice Yoga on a regular basis. Many thanks to Arjie for enabling me to improve my yoga practice.

by Rish on Yoga With Arjie
What an experience

What can I say about Arjie. She is such a calm and serene person, perfect as a Yogi. She is instrumental in my rehabilitation from a long drawn out health problem. She will always push me that little further but will also adapt if my body is not able to do an exercise on a particular day. I get bored very easily with workouts but Arjie always seems to know and will come up with new routines. I love my one to one sessions, they are tailored for my needs and allow me to learn and explore different forms of yoga. I went to these sessions mainly to focus on the physical and I have come out of it with not only the physical improvement but also being more mindful - something I never could get into before with other yoga classes.

by Natasha on Yoga With Arjie
Yoga with Arjie

Ah, where do I start with this lovely lady! I absolutely adore her teaching style! She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes, with the intensity of an advanced flow yoga class. I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed, and ready to tackle what is ahead of me!
I also appreciate how she paces the class, it's not too slow, and not too fast, and I always get a good sweat on. She is sure to warm us up in the beginning of class and cool us down as well. And I really love her calming voice...
Arjie is also very hands on which I appreciate. I love when she comes over and basically give me a little mini massage when we are in our relaxation stage at the end of the class if it's not to busy. It really helps me to open up even more fully and deeply. I highly recommend Arjie's class to all yoga lovers out there!

by Rachel Gold on Yoga With Arjie
A little slice of Heaven

I attend instruction with Arjie once a week. It is my time to be in the present and relax. Arjie is a calm and kind excellent instructor. I look forward to my sessions in the tranquil environment. My weekly little slice of heaven!

by Catherine on Yoga With Arjie
Yoga at the Peace Hospice

Just returned from the launch class for Yoga at the Peace Hospice, really can't think of a better way to wake up and start the day. Arjie has a very gentle manner and just says all the right things to make you relax, unwind and focus. Walked out feeling taller, all the niggling aches and pains disappeared. So relaxing and peaceful, the sunshine and the birdsong an added bonus - perfect!

by Rachel Bignell on Yoga With Arjie
Yoga with Arjie

Arjie has all the qualities of an excellent yoga teacher. I always enjoy her class as she works on different areas of the body each week, there is always a compromise if moves can not be carried out. Very enjoyable class and a great feeling of well-being.

by Aruna on Yoga With Arjie
Yoga with Arje

Arje is friendly and has a calming manner. The classes are varied incorporating different styles and flows of yoga with postures explained and demonstrated. The classes are energising, calming and relaxing.

by Renata on Yoga With Arjie
Wonderful Teacher with a passion to help others

I love workshops that Arjie organizes and teaches at her studio. They are very well organized! I am always looking forward to hear from her about new ones. I highly recommend everyone to try them, especially if you cannot commit to weekly sessions but you are looking for a bit of 'escape' to tranquility and relaxation.
Arjie is a great yoga teacher. Her classes are full of variety. She explains and gives very clear teaching points and instructions.
What I really like about Arjie is her wonderful and warm character, friendliness and care of others. Try, try, try without doubt and enjoy 🙂

by Nabs on Yoga With Arjie
Yoga with Arjie

I love my yoga class with Arjie.  I like the way she varies it week to week as I get bored easily with doing the same postures week in week out. My daughter who has special needs (autism and learning disability) also attends with me and it really seems to calm her for the hour. It would be great if Arjie could now start helping her a little more with getting into the posture and offering her easier alternatives when she can't do something. I know this can be tricky given there is a very full class every Sunday. Any way we both love it and wouldn't miss our class for anything apart from holidays!

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