Terms & Guidelines

Here are terms and guidelines for everyone attending classes or workshops so that you have the best experience.

If this is your first yoga class or workshop, also have have a read of FAQs – New Yoga Students

Also, here is a link to the site’s Privacy Policy for your information.

  1. Payment.  I accept payments via BACs, PayPal, cash or cheques (payable to A Ramsay). PayPal does not require you to have an account and you can pay securely by credit or debit card. For booking information and to purchase block classes,  please book via the Buy Now button on the relevant page or contact me if you still have queries about payment.
  2. Deposits & Refunds. I’m sorry, but there are no refunds or transfers for missed classes or workshops. Places are often limited and late cancellations mean that your place will not be filled. I’m sure you’ll understand. Please let me know in good time if you cannot attend a booked class or workshop so we can let another student have the place.
  3. Equipment.
    • Please note that this section does not apply to Private Classes, Senior Yoga or Pregnancy Yoga where ALL equipment is provided.
    • Yoga Mat.  Please bring your yoga mat if attending my public classes. If you require a mat, I usually have a few mats for hire (£1 per session) and also some new ones for sale (£18 per mat) which you can purchase before the class.  Let me know beforehand if you’d like to purchase a new mat so I can be sure to bring one for you.
    • Towel & Water.  Make sure you bring a towel and a bottle of water for Hot Yoga to sip during the class.
    • Foam Block & Yoga Strap. If you are a practising yogi, you may already have these – so bring them with you to class if you tend to use them .
  4. Timing.  Please arrive in good time.  Entering class late is disturbing to others. If you arrive a few minutes late, please make sure that you enter slowly and quietly to minimise any disruption.
  5. Mobile ‘phones.   Please turn off your mobile ‘phone before entering the class.
  6. Injuries.  Let me know if you are feeling below par – we all have our off-days.  Always let me know if you have a new injury or a problem.
  7. Registration/Health Questionnaire.  Please complete and submit the on-line form before class.  I can bring a hard (paper) copy to class if you cannot complete on line so please make sure you arrive in good time to complete this before the class begins. 
  8. Location and Joining Instructions. For Private tuition, Pregnancy Yoga and Workshops, I’ll send you detailed instructions for finding the venue along with any other instructions once you have booked your place.