Gentle Yoga

Dru-yoga-eldersLive your life and forget your age   – Norman Vincent Peale

Physical activity is good for you no matter what your age. Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Or perhaps you’re recuperating from an illness? Do you want to start gradually increasing your level of physical activity? Maybe you find it difficult to kneel down or get up easily from the floor? Sometimes, certain limitations prevent you from engaging in more commonplace forms of Lord of the Dance Pose - Natarajasanaexercise such as walking, keep-fit, traditional yoga or swimming. There are three key components to a good workout if you want to start engaging in physical activity:

  • low impact cardiovascular exercise
  • resistance training
  • stretching

My Gentle Yoga sessions are designed just for you. We start with easy-to-do chair-based and standing routines to help you gain confidence and balance. Then we progress gradually at your pace and level of fitness.

I can do individual sessions or group sessions tailored to your needs.

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