Feedback on Workshops & Events

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself        -Rumi

Our Workshops and Events are very popular. We hold them in my Garden Studio or at other convenient places in or around Watford. See below some typical comments on past Workshops & Events.

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Autumn Evening of YOGA

held  1-November 2019 with Arjie Ramsay

‘ … This is simultaneously an energising and a restorative workshop … good demo of using the props – and using them to work to my body’s pace!’ -Poonam W

‘Refreshments – well planned and varied … yoga is such an important gift in our life’ –Daniela P

‘Group size was perfect … Valuable Learning: To give yourself time and space to breathe – a good coping method’ -Carol R

‘Venue very cosy, comfortable and inviting with all the props needed … Valuable Learning: I found the Yoga Nidra and Shavasana greatly beneficial as I find it very hard to relax at times … ‘ -Cherry S

‘Enjoyed the Yin and Nidra meditations a lot – could have done more! … nice to explore the props – especially the bolster … The session felt so personal & caring – thank you!’ -Amanda R

‘Really enjoyed the relaxing environment and pace of the class. Such an enjoyable way to spend a Friday evening. Learned and gained so much mentally and physically.’ -Farzana W

Afternoon of Mindfulness, Yin & Nidra

held  12-May-2019 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

I enjoyed the afternoon immensely and look forward to attending the next one’ -Jan M

‘It was the first time I have been to such a session and I was apprehensive. Three hours seemed a long time but if flew by and it was just what my mind and body needed – truly calming, grounding and relaxing’  -Maria K

‘… Excellent venue …  Loved the mindful walking … Key Learning: To be in the present. Here and now’ -Susan C

‘Enjoyed the content and afternoon. A day retreat would now feel like a natural progression …. Key Learning(s): Learning the process of mindfulness which is well known but not easy to maintain …’  -Shirley F

‘… Props were very useful, particularly bolsters & eye masks …  Suggestion: Loud snoring  from neighbour during Nidra very irritating –  suggest agreeing beforehand to gently tap neighbour on shoulder so that they can readjust their position!’  -Mary H

‘The preparation, organising and teaching on the afternoon reflect the high standards you both set and achieved for yourself and your pupils. These are of such immense value to us in our daily lives. Thank you so very much for it all’  -Vera R

‘ … Key Learning: Learning about mindfulness. I didn’t know much about it, had heard of it but the session has made me more aware of myself & the surroundings …’ -Sanjna S

‘Very peaceful, calming and clean venue. …  would be willing to spend a full day with you both covering more Yoga e.g. Breathing techniques & a flow session with a theme’ -Yvonne T

Spring Yoga Workshop

held  15-Mar-2019 with Arjie Ramsay

‘…  Really enjoyed my first workshop in Arjie’s garden studio and would definitely attend another one … Venue was perfect … Key learning(s): The Yin poses were the most valuable thing I gained from the workshop – makes you concentrate more on the pose so creates more focus …’ – Cherry S

‘…Workshop was well organised and planned … Postures were carefully explained & demonstrated. Your calming, caring and warm personality came through energising the practice.’ – Aruna C

‘… Will definitely recommend to others … Would have liked workshop to go on for longer … Love the venue – I appreciate your efforts in creating a very pleasant & calm atmosphere …’ – Ah-Fong H

‘… Would love another 30 min to an hour … Key learning(s): Having props handy is very helpful… Still feeling the effects of the session 12 hours later and the Yin has certainly helped my gardening aches and pains. Had a wonderful deep sleep last night … the meditation session which followed really supported the work you facilitated for the group… Still walking around with that lovely yogic tranquillity. Thank You – an excellent workshop.’  – Susan C

BE PRESENT Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

held  28-Apr-2018 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

‘… Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours and especially enjoyed meeting others and sharing thoughts and experiences …  Key Learning: Take time out to enjoy ‘the little things’ in life! Be more aware of surroundings’ – Cathy M

‘I gained 3 beautiful peaceful hours for myself and my family (who were with me). We learned to focus on the moment as much as is possible in busy lives- and to make that our goal even when it appears unattainable at times’ – Susan T

‘Interesting combination of meditation and yoga … I always chat to friends and recommend your workshops … Suggestions for future: more yoga positions whilst meditating ….The mindfulness afternoon allowed me to focus on Being, Here, Now. Thank You’  – Susan C

 Spring Awakening! Yoga Workshop

held 25-Mar-2017 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

‘The pace of the workshop was very good, didn’t feel as though we were rushed for time … Key Learning:  The focus on the Bandhas was very helpful as this is something I am trying to work on not only in my Yoga practice but also in the other exercise I do.’ – Marina B

‘Spring awakening was definitely on this workshop. High energetic . Very special to me to kick-start my yoga after 5 months break. Great atmosphere. I felt like I was in the right place at the right time with the right people. Many thanks for that!’ – Anna R

Key learning(s):  importance of using the breath and the core muscles to enable a sustained effort on the physical exercise. A helpful diagrammatic explanation of how to engage the core muscles. The gazing meditation was new to me and I shall be using this in the future.’ – Poonam W

‘ It was totally spoiling and wonderful’ – Jill C

‘I thought the space was lovely – lots of light and calm. Key Learning: Anatomy of breathing and techniques during strong postures.’ -Allie C


Winter Yoga Workshop – Energy Flow & Inward Reflection

held 28-Jan-2017 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

‘ … Fantastic afternoon, a great combination of excellent teaching with a friendly and down to earth approach. Would love to return !’ – Stephanie P

‘Perfect afternoon workshop with energetic yoga practice, helpful advice, relaxing nidra and concluded with a calming meditation. Thank you both very much.’ – Shirley F

‘The venue is a happy one with its outlook onto a peaceful garden- for me, this adds value to my practice … Key Learning: How to work on using the breath to help sustain energy during the flows, maintain postures and in the deep meditations. How to use the breath in dealing with daily tasks and as a fundamental tool in reclaiming a measure of calm during an always busy life.’ -Poonam W

BE PRESENT Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

held  5-Nov-2016 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

‘… I came out feeling very positive and felt like I had learnt so much !’ – Natalie G

‘Use of touch meditation. Key Learning: How just a few minutes of mindful focus can reduce stress and increase concentration. I will use mindfulness to help me manage symptoms of pain … and will definitely be reading further’ – Dawn O

‘Lovely people & gorgeous venue … Key Learning: I can stop and slow down … think about eating slowly and stop checking my phone whilst eating … I understand that it was mindfulness & meditation, however, I enjoyed the yoga very much and would maybe like a little more.’ – Nikki S

‘… helped to clear our mind.’ – Clive & Jacke C

Autumn Glow Yin-Yang Yoga Workshop  AUTUMN GLOW Yin-Yang Yoga Workshop

held 15-Oct-2016 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

‘ … Workshop was just the right duration to feel that it made a difference … I generally practice Hatha Yoga so both the Vinyasa & Yin sessions were a new experience for me …’ – Anne S

‘ … The balance between sweet & savoury refreshments was good … Key Learning: Remember to use breathing … I look forward to the next workshop !’ – Lindsey C

‘ … Workshop worked well as a whole … would request a little more personal recovery time – a comfort break – after the reflection exercise. I found it very unexpectedly emotional and needed to get a tissue’ – Georgina C

‘The venue was prefect with a beautiful view of the garden and spinney beyond … Having a handout and doing a personal questionnaire to reflect on afterwards allows the individual to gain a better understanding of themselves and a greater insight on how to develop further’ – Eleonora K


BE PRESENT Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

held 17-Sep-2016 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

‘…varying the workshop content between the two leaders an excellent idea. They maintained the workshop pace between them: the pace of the mindfulness talks, exercises and the yoga … An effective, good partnership. The time went by swiftly! … Key Learning: That meditation/mindfulness isn’t about being able to make my mind and my brain a blank space, rather that it’s about making the gap between the buzzing thoughts and push/pull that daily life brings … It was clear that much thought had been put in to ensure that attendees were comfortable during the workshop…’ – Attendee wishes to remain anonymous

‘I think that the section on what is mindfulness, with references to research and quotes etc would work better as a facilitated group discussion ….. I felt there was potentially a lot of knowledge and experience in the room and this could have been harnessed in a more collaborative way … Thought Provoker: the idea of using stones to support meditation; also food meditation …’ – Georgina C

‘… venue was lovely, light and airy and a great place to practice yoga and meditation … It was a little cold in the room which was particularly noticeable during the meditations when we were still … Key Learning: That I don’t have to be in a quiet location, sat in Lotus position to practice meditation!’ –Shalina G

‘Refreshments: It all looked lovely as well as tasting great …. Key Learning: That yoga and mindfulness complement each other beautifully …. I would have liked the exercise to be more intent, but appreciate that this was just a taster … What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon nourishing mind, body and soul … Thank you Arjie and Tina for all the thought and work you both put in to planning such a lovely programme’ –Eleonora K

YIN Yoga – Taster Workshop

held 9-Apr-2016 with Steve Heath and Arjie Ramsay

‘Yin was a completely new yoga experience. I really enjoyed learning how to get deeper into each posture by using your breathing. It is totally absorbing and leaves you feeling energised but calm and tension free. Thank you, it was a perfect afternoon. I was so absorbed – time just disappeared …’ – Shirley F

‘… going to this workshop is worth every penny…  I have discovered my own body through yoga …. I was a runner all my life and my experience was always to use muscles …. but I went deeper (into the postures) by just breathing as Steve explained about finding our own space . For someone like me who is not flexible –  it was that moment when I realised what yoga is about. It was the first time I put 100% attention on what I was doing … I completely forget I was with other people …  right people in the right time and the right place …’ – Anna R

‘Perfect length and really good content. Good pace, variety and explanations … Beautiful venue! Wonderful energy … Size was perfect as it kept things personal and sociable. I thought the whole workshop was fantastic. The meditation/savasana was really great – I really felt a lot of emotion and ultimately relaxation through it. However, it felt a tiny bit fast for me – needed more time!’ – Cherry L

Winter Energy Flow & Inward Focus – Workshop

held 30-Jan-2016 with Tina Kouroushi and Arjie Ramsay

‘ ….. perfect in length and content. Group size was just right and venue clear, light and spacious. I would recommend it to those who would like an intense 3 hour yoga session. I do enjoy these workshops and would come to another on this topic and any related one – e.g. another seasonal theme. Enjoyed all the resources which were available – the eye pillows, the bolsters ….’ – Susan T

‘Fantastic venue. Light and airy. I enjoyed the mix of yoga, relaxation and meditation. The meditation aspect interests me as does the breathing techniques. Thank you for a lovely workshop. I had a great afternoon learning more intense variations of the postures. Time also for ME. !!!! To recharge.  And lovely nibbles and refreshments. Am hooked on the elderflower water too. Looking forward to the next workshop’ – Attendee wishes to remain anonymous

‘ ….  time did go so quickly. Venue was excellent and the group was well managed and very pleasant to engage with. Excellent value for money.  Work shop was well thought through and very enjoyable. A longer time or a retreat weekend would be good !’ – Susan C

  Empower Your Inner Warrior

held 28-Nov-2015 with Kas Pindolia and Arjie Ramsay

‘Looking forward to reading more of it later from the handout and trying out the asanas in my home practice. Venue lovely and open. Beautiful surroundings. I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one!’ – Georgie M

‘Workshop approach by Arjie & Kas perfectly complemented each other. Lovely venue and lunch fab! I was easily able to adapt all asanas to accommodate my neck issue. The asanas were strong and generated so much body heat that I felt very empowered by achieving ‘the crow’ for the first time in 5 years!’ – Dawn O

‘Very nice venue – tidy, clean & all props provided. Very tasty lunch. Good practice. Nice group interaction. I liked the group exercise at the end. Because I study yoga, I would have liked more info about benefits of asanas and mudras throughout the practice. Also more examples or stories from Bhagavad Gita reference to make the asanas more interesting as provided in the handout . Thank you for a very nice morning.’ – Renata K

  Restorative Yoga Workshop – Relax, Renew & Meditate

held 20-Nov-2015 with Gulcan Malik and Arjie Ramsay

‘Content perfect. Length felt far too short, but I think that was because I just didn’t want the nurturing to end!! I will definitely attend future restorative workshops. I have a severe neck problem, and by the end of the meditation section, I was pain free for the first time in months.’ – Dawn O

‘Great atmosphere. Cosy place full of equipment I never dreamt about. This is Yoga Paradise for me!! With your helpful adjustment all is doable even for beginners. There is time in our life to meet right people and discover potential of our mind and body. Your workshop is perfect place to start such spiritual journey and you are right teachers to help with it. Thank you for your professional help, good energy and charismatic personality.’ – Anna R

‘The group of people that attended were lovely. The workshop was most enjoyable and a great time to hold it after a hectic week. Loved the heated floor!’ – Sue C 

Asana Pranayama Dhyana – Postures Breath Meditation

held 6-Jun-2015 with Tina Kouroushi & Arjie Ramsay

‘Could have happily done another hour! Group size perfect. Lunch delicious. Whilst in my shoulder-stand, I gazed through the skylight windows and watch the clouds floating by. It was a lovely yoga moment. Thank you both for a very enjoyable workshop.’ Shirley F

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The time went too quickly for me and I would have loved to have carried on. Tina and Arjie make a good team and their individual practices complement each other’s. I love their positive and calming energies.’ – Vina K

‘Venue was really lovely, felt very welcome and comfortable. A slightly more challenging routine would be good for future workshops – I enjoy a challenge and learning new techniques!’ – Felicity F

   Asana Pranayama Dhyana – Postures Breath Meditation

held 6-May-2015 with Tina Kouroushi & Arjie Ramsay

‘A good sized group and the venue was perfect !’ – Faranak W

‘The handouts were really good as an aide mémoire. The group size allowed for an intimate and very personal class. The venue was just right for the number attending and lunch was lovely!’ – Juliet P

‘I had never been to a yoga workshop before and I found it really good. Relaxing venue. Really enjoyed the morning and would love to attend further ones to understand the ethos of yoga more. Fabulous lunch.’ – Helen D

   Journey through the Chakras

held 6-Feb-2015 with Diana Levy & Arjie Ramsay

‘Just to say I really enjoyed the workshop, thank you so much for doing it. I’d love to come to another. The handout about the Chakras is very interesting …. I went home much more peaceful within …. Thank you also for the lovely lunch and for holding the workshop at such a lovely venue ‘ – Amanda B

   Find Stillness Within: Introduction to Dru Yoga

held 9-Nov-2014 at FeelHot Yoga with Arjie Ramsay

‘I really enjoyed your Dru Yoga Workshop. One of my favourites so far !’ – Natalie L