About Arjie

About Arjie

For there is good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen      
Before we go to paradise by way of Kensal Green   – G K Chesterton

A yoga teacher and a project manager? How did that happen?

About ArjieHello, my name is Arjie Ramsay. I’ve had a lifelong relationship with yoga in some way or another. It’s been an unexpected journey of discovery and realisation.

Blessed with natural flexibility as a teenager, I had the good fortune to assist a yoga teacher in his evening classes and noticed that the keener students were reporting improvements in other-than-physical aspects of their lives. I’d listen with fascination to their stories of improved relationships, coping better at work and increasing states of self-awareness. The physical improvements in many of the students were obvious but what were all these other, more esoteric developments about? Realising that there was a greater depth to yoga, I wanted to explore it more seriously. My personal practice was also maturing and developing – I was hooked.

During my student days, I was attracted like a magpie to the different varieties of yoga and I dabbled in classical Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa styles and explored Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation. Although my career as a project manager and my growing family meant that I drifted away from yoga for a time, I always felt its magnetic pull drawing me back to practice and further explore the wisdom of this amazing discipline. I would often ‘teach’ yoga to family and friends, spurred on by their requests to give them lessons and their obvious enjoyment of the practice.

Eventually, I had the opportunity to continue my interest. Encouraged by my yoga teachers, I enrolled in the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course and achieved my yoga teacher qualification. I was able to leave my work as a full-time corporate project manager, joined the relevant professional bodies (DPN, REPs and IYN), allowing me to formally teach yoga in health and leisure centres. Training to be a yoga teacher met my needs to better understand and share the benefits of this empowering practice. I have also pursued my interest in Advaita (Non Duality) and Meditation . All have deepened my yoga, increased my awareness and allowed me to be more mindful and just ‘let things be’ – even as a hardened project manager. I also work on projects with organisations and provide project consultancy and staff-coaching services.


I have practical experience in a number of yoga styles including Hatha Yoga, Dru Yoga, Vinyasa, Hot YogaYin Yoga, Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga,  Yoga Nidra and Meditation and incorporate aspects from these into my classes.HOSS3708

My particular interests include Gentle Yoga, Corporate/Workplace Yoga and Yoga for Special Groups such  as Women’s Groups and Community Groups. I also provide personal one-to-one yoga tuition and cover-teach for fellow yoga teachers in and around Watford. In my practice, I like to impart a combination of energy, calmness and balance at both a physical and a mental level.

Yoga can be practised by the young and the elderly; by those looking for gentle exercise or those wanting a more powerful physical workout; or someone looking to explore themselves as well as someone wanting to find what really matters in life.

Yoga is limitless. It tacitly helps by allowing glimpses of the everyday mundane things in life as truly sublime. A coming home – a path of self-enquiry – a gradual realisation of and resting as one’s true self.

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